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Clearly , the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently witnessed a huge change, especially in building construction and real estate development , which encouraged us to achieve your dreams through designing your homes and its interior decorations design, in addition to provide finest famous raw , the best international brands to be distinctive and excel over everyone by placing a modern touch after more than 45 years of continuous work, which was caused by your confidence namely in Bannoub Decor . We do try to work wholeheartedly to serve our customers who award us their interest and confidence.

We recognize that the most important thing that characterizes us is our raw quality, as well as, our luxury productions which we services keen to select it for you, in order to be sure of our productions in terms of quality, beauty .Our clients will be freelance to choose colors and designs at Bannoub Decor with help provided by our staff, who are pleased to serve you , or by visiting our Website which we have been prepared for you.

It’s your right as clients to receive preferential treatment, accuracy in work schedules, installation and delivery, accuracy of information and transparency in the handling and communication. We work very hard for your service until your satisfaction, therefore, we believe in the principle of correction and continuous improvement, in order to be in top ever in the field of decoration.

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